Corvette C3 Goes for the OMG Looks With 30-Inch Wheels, Other Mods

Round and round the crazy oversized wheel trend goes, and where it stops, nobody knows. But before coming to an end, it will keep making victims, like this classic Chevrolet Corvette.
Corvette C3 6 photos
Corvette C3Corvette C3Corvette C3Corvette C3Corvette C3
A 1978 model year apparently, from the C3 generation of the American sports car, it is on the verge of becoming famous. Reddit’s ‘bad’ car mods thread is where we found the picture shared in the gallery above

Since one image is worth a thousand words, we are certain that we could keep babbling about it for much more, but we’ll keep it simple and start our coverage with those huge wheels.

Said to be 30 inches in diameter, they have a weird pattern, part-red finish that goes with the rest of the body and interior trim, and very thin tires.

Equipping them to this classic ‘Vette meant chopping the original fenders of the car. But as it turns out, this isn’t the only mod, because the hood has also been tuned, probably to hide a beast of an engine (in an extremely positive scenario), and the fenders appear to have been fattened up too.

Now, we don’t anything about the firepower of the car, but depending on the specification, it could have anywhere between 165 and 460 brake horsepower – or had, back when it left the factory floor, because over the last 4+ decades, it has lost some of those wild horses.

Thus, if it still rocks the original power unit under that long and modified hood, then it is likely that a normal van would put it to shame around the track.

However, this old-timer won’t be taking part in any battles anytime soon, so you’d better head on back up and check it out in detail. Also, if you’re aware of more pics, feel free to share them in the comments section.


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