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Cornelia Tiny House Fuels Your Nature-Driven Creativity for No Less Than $155K
What so dang special about tiny homes? Well, quite a whole lot, actually, especially when you consider that you're living a sort of turtle-like lifestyle, always carrying your home around wherever you go.

Cornelia Tiny House Fuels Your Nature-Driven Creativity for No Less Than $155K

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If that's the case, then you might as well make sure you're carrying around one hell of a home. And unlike turtle shells, which are usually one occupancy, Cornelia, a tiny house from New Frontier Tiny Homes (NFTH), is a home that can accommodate up to four people.

By now, I'm sure you've heard of NFTH, as autoevolution has featured a number of their works over the months. NFTH initially started out as a father-son project back in 2015. Little did this crew know that they would be attracting the attention of teams like Disney and Dunkin Donuts some time down the road. Or did they?

By the looks of homes like Cornelia, you can bet that this team had a solid understanding of what the public wants and need. Time to dive into this mobile home and see what NFTH is all about.

If you happen to check out the manufacturer's website, one of the first things you'll notice is that Cornelia is marketed as a sort of artist's corner or retreat. This feeling or idea is sustained by features like a fold-down desk, floating bookshelves, and a 270-degree view of the world around from the loft bedroom. For a person like myself, someone people call a "writer," this sort of setup is absolutely magical.

As it stands, Cornelia starts off at 155,000 USD (137,516 EUR at current exchange rates). Sure, it may sound like a lot, but you have to consider that you're really buying a structure worthy of being called home, with a triple-axle trailer to make sure you get to your plot of preferred land.

For me to go through all the features Cornelia includes would take us about an hour to really get into things. So to give you an idea of what to expect for this sort of cash, know that NFTH uses corrugated aluminum, Shou Sugi Ban-charred Cedar, and a pergola completed from Western Red Cedar. Maple boards make up the interior siding and ceiling, while EPDM roofing, Typar Rainscreen and Housewrap, and closed-cell spray foam insulation make sure the elements stand no chance of getting in.

Upon entering the home, the first space you'll encounter is the living room or study, that little writer's corner I mentioned, but there's also room for a modular couch in case you want to extend the sleeping capacity. From the living room, you'll be led towards the rear of the home. /there's a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, and above these two spaces, the loft bedroom, accessed by a ladder.

Stainless steel faucets and sink, butcher block countertop, cedar shelves, two-burner electric stove, and convection oven are available in the kitchen. While there's no mention of a fridge, there's room for a mini-fridge for sure. To the right of the kitchen, a bathroom is fitted with a sliding door, waterless toilet, tile shower with glass door, and wall-mounted vanity and sink. While the colors you see are part of this particular project, if you ever end up buying a Cornelia, you will be the master of this dream.

Speaking of masters, check out the bedroom. It's here that a king-size bed awaits your weary bones, assuming you make it up the ladder. If you do, you'll be sleeping above the world below with that 270-degree view of the surroundings, perfect for lazy mornings and late nights. Recessed LED lighting and reading lights make sure your creativity is ready to go no matter the hour of the day.

Now, remember, this sort of home is a fully customizable one, so make sure you let NFTH know exactly what you want, and they'll do their best to work the ideas into the plans. But bring some extra cash if you choose to do so.

Starting to get the idea why tiny homes like Cornelia are starting to attract so much attention? Well, stay tuned because there are a plethora of manufacturers building some amazing mobile homes.


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