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CORKY Urban is the Mirror You’ve Been Missing All this Time

It’s funny, albeit in a rather macabre way, that bicycles and scooters are not equipped with rear-view mirrors by default. Other vehicles using public roads fall under mandatory requirements for mirrors, but for some reason, these two categories have been neglected. CORKY Urban is the perfect add-on for those who feel like the need a safety boost while on the road.
Croky Urban folding mirror 1 photo
According to the creators of the CORKY Urban, more than a half of the riders prefer not to use mirrors because of their cumbersome design, so they set out to imagine an add-on that would solve this problem. By all means, CORKY is diminutive and can be effortlessly stowed away in a pocket or backpack, in case you decide to go for the snap-on design.

The diameter of the convex mirror is a mere 35mm, but it provides 100m of rear sight view. Plus, the folding design makes it extremely easy to “hide”, while the ABS construction and polycarbonate glass render it very robust.

CORKY Urban comes with two installation options for the ultimate convenience. Riders can choose a fixed mount that is similar to the bar-end weights used in motorcycles, or the plug & play silicone mount cap that’s easily removable.

Both come with a wide adjustability angle, so it doesn’t matter if you’re riding a full-sized city bicycle or a tiny electric scooter, a mountain bike or even a road racing bike. Likewise, it makes no difference whether you are a tall or a shorter person – you’ll certainly find the right angle for optimal vision thanks to the cleverly simple ball mount.

The CORKY Urban folding mirror is up for grabs on Kickstarter, and if you have several bike enthusiasts in your family, we found that the 4x package is a steal at $70. Or you could give one to a friend, helping him or her become more aware of their surroundings while enjoying a ride or commuting.


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