Corey Pritchett Jr. Gets Smooth Jeep Trackhawk on Forgiatos as Birthday Present

Corey Pritchett Jr. is one of those famous social media personalities who shot to fame with the help of surprising ideas. He is the significant half of the Carmen and Corey channel but also likes to dabble with “mundane” stuff like cars and related events.
Corey Pritchett Jr. Jeep Trackhawk by 713 Motoring 7 photos
Photo: Forgiato / Instagram
Corey Pritchett Jr. Jeep Trackhawk by 713 MotoringCorey Pritchett Jr. Jeep Trackhawk by 713 MotoringJeep TrackhawkJeep TrackhawkJeep TrackhawkJeep Trackhawk
Automotive enthusiasts might know him better for the other channel by the name of Life With Corey! but he is also wildly active on different social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, where he enjoys another couple of huge fan followings. Thus, is anyone surprised that he gets some of the stuff he likes for free, from his friends?

Well, he does not get them without reason, as he clearly revealed the most recent #SSG (So Smooth Gang) whip he can flaunt on social media is a Spring Green-detailed Satin Black Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that he received as a gift for his recent birthday. And, naturally, it came so flashily personalized from the source, as it was a present bestowed upon the Youtuber by none other than BIG A$H, aka Ashworth Barnes, the president of 713 Motoring.

Unfortunately, aside from Corey’s thankful reveal that he got the feisty 707-horsepower SUV for nothing from a friend, there are not a lot of other details about the actual build process. Sure, we can easily notice the numerous green accents across the body, as well as the contrasting Satin Black atmosphere, plus the fact that it rides lowered on a set of humongous aftermarket wheels.

Those are, of course, of the outrageously cool Forgiato Designs variety – with the Los Angeles, California-based, forged wheel experts also being responsible for uncovering what should have been a tasty high-performance Trackhawk build. But it probably failed a little due to the flashy accents and spring green details on the aftermarket wheels. Alas, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, so is this your minty cup of tea, perhaps?

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of Jeep's Trackhawk.

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