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Core-5 Is an Entry-Level E-Bike That's Giving New Riders the Things They Want Most
You and a friend decide to go out for an afternoon bike ride. You bring your classic city bike, and your buddy brings along an e-bike. After 20 mi (32 km) of riding, your buddy’s smiling, barely drank any water, and you’re out of breath and can’t feel your legs anymore. Maybe it’s time you get yourself an e-bike.

Core-5 Is an Entry-Level E-Bike That's Giving New Riders the Things They Want Most

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Well, if you’ve been thinking about getting in on the fun everyone else seems to be enjoying, then I urge you to offer me three to five minutes of your time. You may realize that getting yourself an entry-level e-bike doesn’t have to be some questionable venture, nor do you need to clear out your bank account to buy one.

Back in 2018, a group of friends got together and started cranking out designs for what would become some of the most affordable e-bikes to come out of San Diego, California. It was then that e-bike manufacturer Ride1Up was born. How did they stay alive in an industry already dominated by companies with a history of 50 years or more in the making? That’s what we’re going to be exploring today.

Well, it looks like Ride1Up did the market research, and as a result, their machines seem to be giving the consumers exactly what they want, capability at a low cost. For example, Core-5, the e-bike you see in the gallery, is a mobility alternative with an asking price of no more than 1,045 USD (962 EUR at current exchange rates). Sure there may be some taxes and delivery charges applied, but you’ll be able to join an e-bike gang.

When you finally open that garage door and see the day’s rising sun, the thought of you being able to zip around town at speeds of up to 28 mph (45 kph) should bring a smile to your morning face. Yes, speed is one factor that seems to set Ride1Up apart from other manufacturers; people like speed, and they know it. Sure, that top speed will be attained with pedal assist, but does that matter? That’s not even road-legal over in Europe.

This is achieved by using a Shengyi motor mounted to the rear hub. Overall, it’ll crank out a sustained 750 watts of juice, and aside from assisting your pedaling, there’s also a twist throttle that simply lets you sit back and cruise around at speeds up to 20 mph (32 kph).

Now, for all this magic to happen, the motor needs to be drawing power from somewhere, and until tech reaches the stage where we can generate and store electricity from nothing more than just pedaling, you’ll be relying on a removable battery with 10.4 Ah of juice provided by LG cells. Under peak conditions, you’ll be able to ride around for up to 40 mi (64 km). And yes, Shimano wormed their way onto this trinket, too, in the form of a drivetrain. Mechanical Tektro brakes with 160 mm (6.3 in) rotors slow you and this 49 lb (22 kg) hunk of metal down.

So we have cost settled and capabilities too. But what about comfort? What you should consider when looking to purchase a bicycle is the sort of terrain it’s built for. In the case of Core-5, Ride1Up designed it to be exclusively used on roads and city landscapes. This means a lack of any suspension on the bike. Only the wheels will aid in that.

But, there are other benefits you’ll find on the bike. For instance, the frame geometry will have you sitting relatively upright and relaxed. No hunching over for aerodynamics; the motor has the necessary power. Ride1Up also features a step-through frame for this model, which means an e-bike suitable for a wide range of riders and abilities. It also looks like you can add fenders and a rack to the bike and really handle all the city life throws at you, including grocery shopping and possibly giving your kid a ride.

Sure, it’s not some monster you can race down mountains with, but with speed to show you what e-biking is all about and the comfort to ride around until you get tired, the entry-level Core-5 is a machine worth considering if you’re in the market for something like this. Go on, join your friends.

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