Coquine Yacht Design Once Again Pushes the Envelope of Yacht Design With 'Coba'

The passion, vision, and creativity of the UK-based yacht design group Coquine have presented the industry with another stunning concept super yacht.
Coba 6 photos
Dubbed 'Coba,' the 49-meter design incorporates underwater exploration features without sacrificing family-friendly amenities. The yacht would come in under the 500 gross-tonnage mark and could be fitted with hybrid or possibly hydrogen propulsion. The hull below the waterline would be held to less than three meters and could be reinforced to earn an ice-class rating for polar exploration.

Coquine partner Christian Leyk, has said “Extra focus will be put on sea-worthiness, comfort, a good but not exaggerated stability, and a good economy.”

It is relatively simple when compared to other super yachts shedding fancy saloons and spas for a spacious observation deck where those aboard can relax and enjoy a journey at sea. Included in the design are fold-out balconies in the owner's cabin, an onboard submarine for exploration, and storage for a car or jet ski. A high-spec multi-purpose crane would be fitted under the aft deck for easy deployment and recovery. The aft deck would accommodate a tender and provide entertainment space.

The concept is speculative at this point but would be ideal for a nature-loving family of four or five to travel around the world. Leyk added the concept could be brought to reality in short order.

Christian Leyk developed the idea for the Coquine (French for 'scoundrel, naughty girl) while studying industrial design in Munich. He kept the logo he designed for a fictional lingerie boutique for his future design studio. He has worked for a few renowned yacht design offices including Evan Marshall, Yacht Projects and Designs, and Ken Freivoch Design. He has applied his creativity from yachts to cars, architecture, graphic design, and film and is widely recognized for leaving his comfort zone and thinking outside the proverbial box.


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