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Continental and Varta's New Battery for E-Scooters Is Powerful and Easily Replaceable

Continental and Varta go into business together, announcing the development of a powerful battery for electric scooters and other two-wheeled vehicles.
V4Drive/Continental battery for e-scooters 6 photos
Transformer e-scooter/motorbikePiaggio One electric scooterV4Drive/Continental battery for e-scooters, from Varta and ContinentalV4Drive/Continental battery for e-scooters, from Varta and ContinentalV4Drive/Continental battery for e-scooters, from Varta and Continental
The partnership between Continental Engineering Services (CES) and battery manufacturer Varta focuses on coming up with new technologies and products for the micromobility market and as a first pilot project, the two have come up with a replaceable 48-volt battery pack for two-wheelers with a power of at least 10kW.

Using the V4Drive cell based on lithium-ion technology from Varta, the battery weighs 19.8 lbs (9 kg) and offers a range of 31 miles (50 km). That range can be doubled though, by using two batteries, as the battery management system lets you connect and control any number of battery packs.

Varta’s V4Drive technology is renowned for its high-performance, compact design, and low-temperature resistance.

In addition to being lightweight, the Continental & Varta battery is also easy to attach and detach with a simple pull. You can recharge it externally. The fact that it is easily portable makes it a useful solution for commuters who don’t have a charging opportunity at their own parking space, as explained by Alex Rupprecht of Continental Engineering Services.

What the new battery system from Varta and Continental offers is both power as well as convenience. Most e-scooters on the market today are comparable with conventional 50 cc ones and have a limited speed. More powerful two-wheelers (125 cc) usually feature a built-in battery, which complicates things, charging-wise.

The V4Drive/Continental battery is easily replaceable, quickly rechargeable, and high-performance, offering all the advantages expected from users.

Both companies used their expertise in order to create the best possible product, using their partnership to promote low-emission, robust, and economical drive alternatives.

Continental Engineering Services is Continental’s development and production service provider, and an expert on components for battery-powered EVs. Varta, on the other hand, contributes to the partnership with its experience in battery and storage solutions.

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