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Consumer Reports Says Electric Fiat 500 Is Nippy

Even though they don't really expect to sell that many, Fiat went ahead and made a good car out of the 500e. We're not entirely taken with that front end, but the flashy paint and omnipresent Italian style means you're welcomed on Rodeo Drive or any other posh place.
Where the Fiat 500e really shines is in the drivetrain department, according to Consumer Reports' first test with the car. They found that its electric motor is much better than a conventional non-turbo engine at motivating the Cinquecento along. And because the battery is stored neatly under the floor, there's little to no compromise in terms of practicality… not that the Fiat 500 is that practical to begin with.

The 500e also has decent economy for an electric subcompact, rated at 116 MPGe combined, which is the average of the car’s 122 MPGe city rating, and its highway rating of 108 MPGe. And while 87 miles of range won't alloy you to leave the state, it's enough for a daily driver.


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