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Consumer Reports Isn't Impressed With the 2017 Prius Prime PHEV

Oh, Consumer Reports, how you like to rain on the parade of every carmaker that isn't American these days. Some of the gripes brought up regarding the 2017 Prius are legitimate, but you didn't have to be so negative.
Consumer Reports Isn't Impressed With the 2017 Prius Prime PHEV 1 photo
I'm not the biggest Toyota fan in the world, but even I know that the Prius Prime has "WOW" factor with the millions of loyal fans. The fact that this is the Japanse company that pioneered the hybrid segment and has transported millions of people reliably needs to be factored in.

Sure, the Chevy Volt has a lot more electric range and so does the Audi A3 e-tron. But that's not the full story, is it? The Volt is rated at 106 MPGe, while Toyota is waiting on an EPA number in the region of 120 MPGe. So the Prius Prime should be more efficient overall.

One thing we do agree with is the fact that the portrait touchscreen is a giant mess. But then so is Cadillac CUE, to the point where some reviewers say nobody should ever buy their car. We're not trying to let Toyota get away with murder, but we are trying to look at the positives.

The big one, and I waited a bit to talk about it, is the fact that the Prius Prime looks like a Lexus. It's got those insect eyes, that unique rear glass and a copy of the Tesla screen, even if it's a bad one. So if some people want a shitty Pontiac Aztek just because it's been in Breaking Bad, then they sure as hell will want this Prius.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you the price of the Prius Prime, which might have made a great argument for or against it. But it should be around or just under $32,000. There are a lot of worse ways to spend your money and it should hold its value well.

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