Comparison: RMS Titanic vs MINI Cooper 5-Door

Just for the giggles, we thought it would be a great idea to do a comparison between two British-built machines that are famous across the world. The heavyweight of this competition is the RMS Titanic, launched from Liverpool in 1912 and famously sank on its trans-atlantic voyage. The car we chose is the Oxford-built MINI Cooper, a third-gen model they launched this year.
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A little known fact fact about ocean liners and large ships in general is just how heavy they are. They require a huge industrial commitment. The RMS Titanic displaces 52,310 metric tons, most of which is steel (that's now rusting at the bottom of the ocean).

The regular MINI Cooper is now available as a 5-door car and this tips the scales at about 1.2 tons. To be more precise, it weighs 1175 kg or 2590 lbs. By our calculations, it takes 44,520 MINIs to make one Titanic. Last year, they sold a total of 305,000 cars, so they could have made 6 Titanics with those resources.

No replacement for displacement

The most famous ocean liner of all time is also quite large. From stern to bow, the Titanic measures 269.1 meters or 882 feet and 9 inches. That's more than all the Egyptian pyramids or the National Monument in Washington, but less than the Eiffel Tower.

People say the new 5-door MINI is way too large, but it's still smaller than the Titanic. Its total length is 3,983 mm or 156.8 inches. That means 67 MINIs stretched on end would almost be as long as the ship. That's about as many as a small mall parking lot can hold.

The official passenger capacity of the Titanic is 3,327 people, including over 800 crew memebers. That 665 times more than a MINI holds, which is five, by the way.


The Titanic was equipped with 24 double-ended and five single-ended boilers feeding two reciprocating steam engines for the wing propellers and a low-pressure turbine for the centre propeller. The full output is rated at 46,000 hp. By comparison, the MINI Cooper has only 3 cylinders and a turbo, delivering 136 hp. Despite this, it's much faster. Top speed in the car is 208 km/h or 129 mph, compared to just 44 km/h or 28 mph of the ocean liner.

This article is a pamphlet and should not taken seriously. Any similarities between Leonardo DiCaprion and typical MINI drivers is purely coincidental. If you want to read more weird stuff, check out our comparison between a rhino and an SUV. It's very close, we promise you.
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