Company Spotlight: Why You've Never Heard of Falcon Tenders and What They're All About

Falcon Hybrid Limousine 19 photos
Photo: Falcon Tenders Ltd.
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"Oye Love! Fancy a dash around the pond there?" "Uh, who are you?" "Oh, how rude of me, milady! I'm Lord Blah Blah of Blah. Why don't ya sit ya fanny down in this here dory and let me show you the finer things in life?"
The little introduction you just read is nothing more than a little scenario in which a millionaire or billionaire character - in this case, some lord or baron - shows off that he's got the goods needed to live life in utter style. But what was he going on about?

Well, if you've happened to check out the images in the gallery, you'd have picked up on the fact that today, we'll be talking about tenders. But, not just any old boats; these ones are crafted by a British crew that's been cruising completely under my radar for years. It's probably because I don't have the bank account to even pick up the phone to ask them how they're doing.

No joke; Falcon Tenders has been showcasing immaculate and flawless luxury day boats for years. Heck, the experience their small team brings to the table adds up to over 150 years, not to mention collaboration after collaboration with some of the yachting industry's biggest names. After all, a tender is often used as a means to and from superyachts and other opulent destinations.

Now, a whole lot about how these babies are created you won't find on the manufacturer's website. Still, this doesn't stop us from taking a moment or two out of our busy day to drool over some of the most beautiful, flawless, and handcrafted tenders I've ever seen, and there are plenty of teams to choose from in this industry. So, without further ado, take those shoes off, and let's step aboard a Falcon Tender.

Falcon Hybrid Limousine
Photo: Falcon Tenders Ltd.
One thing we need to realize about this crew is that the works they crank out are bespoke, so don't bother looking for the same boat twice. Sure, some baseline shapes and designs are available, but by the time you've chosen trim levels, materials, colors, and even stitching and semiprecious metal accents, you'll have created a one-of-a-kind dream.

While there are several boats in this team's repertoire, the one that's been heavily publicized as of late is the limousine model, 10.5 m (34 ft) of luxury materials and building techniques, topped off with some of the cleanest, fastest, and most top-tier tech around. Not sure how to grasp the idea of a limousine tender? Think your average limousine, but made for the sea.

This means the finest traveling experience around, and by the looks of things, that's precisely what we'll get. You and your guests will be enveloped in natural leathers, hand-stitching, marble flooring, semiprecious metals, drinks, foods, and all the other little treats limousines can offer.

Falcon Hybrid Limousine
Photo: Falcon Tenders Ltd.
In the above paragraph, I was talking more about the interior of these babies, but come to find out, exterior spaces exist as well, and they're no less lavish than what we find inside. Make sure your crew knows how to care for one of these babies because it'd be a shame if something happened to that leather.

Yet, luxury and all that pocket-squeezing stuff later, Falcon didn't just get to where they are by simply giving the world show-worthy ships; these things are filled with some of the best tech you can find. Heck, the limousine even taps into hybrid propulsion.

Because of the presence of lithium battery banks, if you ever find yourself aboard a Falcon tender, until you blow past 10 knots (11.5 mph), all you'll be hearing are the sounds of the waves breaking against the hull. But, if you wish to feel the wind blowing through your golden locks, you'll be accessing nothing more than good old diesel power to reach top speeds upwards of 35 knots (40 mph).

Falcon Hybrid Limousine
Photo: Falcon Tenders Ltd.
Now, the word 'limousine' means something, and that something is downright comfort. If you've ever been on a boat of any kind, one of the least comforting experiences you can have is when that thing is rocking back and forth; try sipping a mimosa at that stage.

So, to combat this effect and ensure that future customers of Falcon really feel as though they're getting their money's worth, this builder includes a gyroscopic stabilizer from none other than Seakeeper, the one and the same that crafts stabilizers for ships that weigh up to 115 tons. Did I mention that you can end up paying as much as $338K for one of these babies? Not to worry; the limousine clearly uses a smaller unit, and the smallest is priced at around $17K.

I understand that the limo may have gotten all the attention of this article, but there are plenty of other designs that Falcon has worked on, and some of them can be spotted in the images we've added. Honestly, it won't matter how long you look at the images; you'll quickly understand that Falcon Tenders is "top-tier," to say the least.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Falcon Tenders boats and renderings

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