Coming Down Is Sometimes the Hardest Part of ATV Hill Climbing

Testing one's riding skills and the machine's limits when climbing steep hills is certainly fun, especially when on an ATV, but this doesn't come without risks.
Catastrophe in 3, 2, 1... 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
For starters, it's often more dangerous to find a safe way to return to the foot of the hill after reaching a certain point, and if one can't even turn the machine around, things are even harder.

Turning an ATV or a motorcycle on a steep gradient can be very tricky, because of the way the weight is distributed at certain moments during the turn. It's been more than once when we saw people failing miserably to turn a motorcycle on a slant street, so when dealing with abrupt hills, things are clearly worse.

Body weight shifting is essential in such predicaments

When things are getting tight, the only friend a rider can rely on is the way he or she uses the weight of their bodies to their advantage. The weight of the rider should always lean towards the hill. This can mean that riders must lean forward or to the rear, depending on whether they are traveling face-forward or in reverse.

If a rider fails to compensate for the steep gradient in such a way, catastrophe becomes a "when" matter instead of an "if" one, and this is exactly what seems to have happened in this case.

One of the riders on the road says that the ATV seems to have been stuck between some rocks, and preventing its rider from turning it. The result is also a matter of "how hard," as the long tumble and the final crash destroy the machine utterly, pieces flying from it and all.

The mountain often takes its toll, and when it does, it doesn't give change...

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