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Combat Wraith Comes Back for 2021, Just a Few to Be Made for $155K Each

Learning about a motorcycle going for around $150k is not something one comes across every day. Then again, Combat two-wheelers are not regular bikes, and they too are as rare as hen’s teeth.
2021 Combat Wraith 4 photos
2021 Combat Wraith2021 Combat Wraith2021 Combat Wraith
Combat is a relatively new name on the motorcycle-making scene, having gained in 2018 the rights to make the gasoline-powered bikes sold until that point under the Curtiss name (previously known as Confederate). The Wraith nameplate, for instance, has been around since 2008 but only recently gained traction as a Combat machine.

Designed as an extreme build that can be had in either raw metal form (machined aluminum) or black anodized finish, the two-wheeler is coming back for 2021 with slight revisions, limited numbers, and the same sticker as last year.

Combat says it will make 21 of these things, each powered by the usual 132ci (2.2-liter) S&S X-Wedge engine, linked to a custom 5-speed stacked gearbox. The ratings for the powerplant reveal it cranks out 109 hp and 144 ft-lb (195 Nm) of torque.

Riding on BST carbon fiber wheels shod in Pirelli rubber, the 2021 Wraith brings with it a slightly larger aluminum fuel tank, capable of holding 4.5 gallons (17 liters) of fuel. The new model also comes with a monocoque structure initially made for another bike in the Combat portfolio, the P-51 Fighter, and, as an industry first according to the company, interlinked forward and rear foot controls.

As said, the new Wraith sells for $155,000 when going for the raw version, or $165,000 if anodized black is your cup of tea. For that money, though, each customer will also get the chance to watch their bikes being assembled, thanks to a live feed from the Combat shop.

Wraith number 1 is currently under construction, and it will go to for Combat’s owner, Ernest Lee. The man plans to ride it across America once ready, setting off from Jacksonville, Florida, and stopping in Malibu, California.

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