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Combat Calls on Confederate and Curtiss Riders to Join March Across America, Heading to LA

We’re not entirely sure how many Combat, Confederate or Curtiss motorcycles have been made and sold over the years, but chances are we'll get to see many of them come together on the I-10 corridor later this year, heading in bulk for the Los Angeles Auto Show.
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Sitting nicely in my inbox earlier today was an email from Ernest Lee, the owner of Combat Motors, advertising loud and clear the company’s first ever “America Tour.” Hopefully, for the sake of seeing a great deal of amazing motorcycles come together, the same email was in the inboxes of countless others.

As said, the call to arms is for all owners of Combat, Confederate or Curtiss Warhawk motorcycles. Lee plans to have as many people show up in Jacksonville, Florida, where the ride starts, or at any point along the way to the final destination, the Los Angeles Auto Show, and enjoy all those things bikers experience when they come together.

The tour starts on November 10, and will span for the next eight days, covering a total of some 2,500 miles (4,000 km), and taking riders through Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

On the way, Lee promises “several scheduled stops for riders to join and exit, in addition to fuel and food.” There is no mention yet on what is included, if anything, or how much cash people should bring with them.

If you happen to have one of the accepted motorcycles in the garage, and you feel the need for one final ride this year, you can hit this link and express your interest.

As for what Combat has been up to lately, there’s not much going on there. The company still lists on its website the four models it always had in its portfolio (F-177, P-51, FA-13, and the New Wraith), and for Lee that seems to be enough.


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