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Collector’s Cheap 1962 Dodge Lancer Is a Perfect 10, Unrestored and Entirely Original

Dodge first launched the Lancer back in 1955, but the company eventually stopped producing this model in 1959 after making just a little over 11,000 units.
1961 Dodge Lancer 10 photos
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The carmaker, however, decided to give it a second chance in 1961, when it re-introduced the Lancer based on Chrysler’s A platform, though things didn’t go well this time either. The Lancer got the ax only a year later, with another attempt to resurrect the nameplate happening in 1984 (and also discontinued shortly after).

This Lancer that was recently posted on Craigslist exhibits a pristine condition, and in case you’re wondering how this is possible given the age of the car, it all comes down to just a few words: it’s a collector’s car.

The Dodge has therefore spent the last 40 years in a garage, and even though it has never been restored, everything outside, inside, and under the hood is almost like new.

With 41,000 miles (this is close to 66,000 km for our European readers) on the clock, this Lancer still runs, drives, and stops properly, but again, this isn’t by any means surprising given it belongs to a collector.

The engine under the hood is a 170 (2.8-liter), and obviously, it is the original unit that came with the car. This was the base engine configuration on the second incarnation of the Lancer, with Dodge also offering a 225 (3.7-liter) that could be paired with a 3-speed gearbox, either manual or automatic.

At the end of the day, this Lancer is a small piece of automotive history, still unrestored, still in amazing condition, and still running like on day one. Everything is impressive, to say the least, and even though it’s not necessarily the most popular nameplate that was born in the ‘60s, it’s still a classic that many collectors would like to own.

The selling price is $12,750, but some other offers might also be considered.

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