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Codecasa Jet 2020 Superyacht Is Creative Explosion: Aviation and Yachting Meet
The yachting industry is a highly innovative one, with plenty of stunning and very surprising models coming to light in just the past couple of months. Even with that in mind, Italian shipyard Codecasa is breaking the mold.

Codecasa Jet 2020 Superyacht Is Creative Explosion: Aviation and Yachting Meet

Codecasa Jet 2020 blends stylistic features from aviation and maritime designCodecasa Jet 2020 blends stylistic features from aviation and maritime designCodecasa Jet 2020 blends stylistic features from aviation and maritime design
It’s on purpose, though. Codecasa set out to achieve what it calls a “creative explosion” by bringing some of the most iconic stylistic features found in aviation onto the surface of the water. The result is Codecasa Jet 2020, a superyacht concept that looks like a jumbo jet on water.

Is it a plane? Is it a boat? Inspired by both, this superyacht comes with a rounded bow like the nose on an airplane, and a closed, solid cockpit-like forward section. Based on renders made public by the shipyard, the only thing’s missing on this superyacht is a plane’s wings. Well, that and the ability to actually fly.

The aft further drives the resemblance home, jotting vertically in a manner that recalls the tail of an aircraft, Codecasa says. The sides of the boat are dotted with small, slightly rounded windows similar to those seen on planes. Air inlets are included in the sides, recalling jet engines, while radar antennas will be installed inside carbon fiber domes in the “typical style of AWACS airplanes.”

Codecasa calls this a “continuous game of suspension and balance between waves and clouds,” which is a very poetic way of describing it. “The result is something that has never been seen before on the sea,” the shipyard adds - and with good reason. 

Codecasa Jet 2020 will be 230 feet long and three decks in total, and will feature minimal, clean lines with expansive interiors. Not that many details have been made public yet, but the shipyard says that, once the superyacht is built (at an unspecified date in the first half of 2020), it will become the flagship model.

Just as impressive as the stylish exterior is the way in which the outdoors is incorporated into the design. The vessel boasts a massive sundeck, measuring 65 feet by 32 feet and including a covered gym, recessed swimming pool and a sunbathing area.

Another section for fun in the sea is the sea-level beach club, accessible by one of the two lifts connecting the three decks. The beach club comes with an adjoining sky lounge and large glass windows to allow guests to fully take in the views.

Speaking of guests, the superyacht will accommodate 10 of them. Codecasa doesn’t mention the size of the crew that will travel on the vessel, but staff quarters will be located on the lower deck. Also there, 8 of the 10 guests will be housed, in four well-appointed cabins. The owner’s suite will take up the entire main deck bow area, while the pilothouse and captain’s cabin will be on the bridge deck, accessible by the second lift.

Since no superyacht is complete without room for plenty of toys, Codecasa Jet 2020 will feature a helipad for a medium- or large-sized helicopter and a double tender area that will house a wide variety of water toys.

Details on interior design or engine configurations are not available as of the time of writing. Considering that the shipyard plans to build this hybrid-looking ship in the first half of the year, it could be only a matter of time before they become public knowledge.

But Codecasa does say this: “The yacht, like all Codecasa production, will be characterized by the well-known and high quality standards that have made the shipyard famous all over the world, and equipped with the most innovative technological equipment available on the market.”

For now, though, the focus is on exterior design and how it’s able to bring together for the first time stylistic features from aviation and maritime design. Whether this aesthetic first will translate into other improvements remains to be seen.


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