Cocky Driver Crashes Corvette C8 While His Companion Was Sitting on the Engine Cover

You may want to cue the Benny Hill music for this one, as it is one ridiculous crash that could have easily been avoided if the driver paid attention to what’s ahead rather than what’s behind.
Chevrolet Corvette C8 12 photos
Photo: Instagram | lsx.videos
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Filmed by a fellow motorist who was having a laugh about it, the video starts with the open-top Corvette C8 driving by, with a young man sitting on the engine cover. Shortly after, the driver turns to his companion who was barely hanging on at this point, when the inevitable happens.

That inevitable included a Lexus SUV, which was hit by the orange mid-engine Chevy. By some miracle, the guy who was enjoying the joyride climbs down from the back of the ‘Vette unharmed. Moments later, the driver opens the door to assess the damages, which were quite significant, as steam was coming out of the bruised up front end, and one of the radiators was leaking out.

Despite the oriental language, the accident appears to have happened somewhere in the United States, in all likelihood. Due to the low resolution of the short footage uploaded one day ago by lsx.videos on Instagram, it is almost impossible to read the license plates of the nearby vehicles. Nonetheless, if you happen to have super sight, then we encourage you to hit the comments area down below and tell us where it happened.

This accident reminds us of another one that we wrote about almost one month ago. That one also involved a new-gen Corvette, with an even cockier driver at the helm who was eager to show off. However, their poor drifting skills sent the car into the bushes head first, proving once again that owning an exciting machine doesn’t make you a good driver. You can check out that video here, after hitting the play button on the one embedded down below.

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