Clumsy Rider Tips 4 Bikes in One Move

If you thought that bike domino is only a trick for the movies, here’s one really clumsy rider showing the world how it’s done in the real world.
Clumsiness at its best 1 photo
Truth be told, this 4-bike domino would not have occurred if the bikes in question didn’t have what appears to be folding ladders on them. As far as I can tell, there’s enough room between the two-wheelers to prevent a chain reaction, but the extended reach the folding ladders provide turned out to work against this unlucky fellow.

It’s always funny seeing how riders will finally let go after unsuccessfully attempting to hold the bike, even if they know it’s “beyond the point of no return”. Anyway, this guy was smart enough to let the machine go, instead of hurting his forearm and/or wrist by trying desperately to bring the first bike to a stable position. I guess there’s hardly a rider who hasn’t experienced a similar forearm injury while trying to keep the bike straight in more or less similar scenarios.

Luckily these look like fairly inexpensive dual-sport bikes used for city errands, so repairing them will not cost a fortune. Such a “stunt” involving a row of Harleys or sportbikes would have yielded tenfold the damage. Watching such silly accidents never gets old…


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