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Close Call Between a Car and a Pedestrian Lying on the Road Could Have Ended Worse

Driving is quite the paradoxical activity: a lot of us say it relaxes us, but at the same time it's one of the few situations when you're not allowed to relax, as letting your guard down can have terrible consequences for you and other road users.
Pedestrian near-miss in Russia 1 photo
But things shouldn't be like that. If everybody suddenly decided to mind their own business and abide the law, then the roads would become the safest places on earth. And it wouldn't really take that much for this to happen: just some common sense and the will to apply everything we've learned in driving school.

Oh, but no, that would make us nothing more than robots. Where's our free will? Where's our constitutional right to be wrong? Where would the fun in driving be? Those are just a few of the million questions that will never be answered.

On the other hand, if driving would somehow turn into this blissful utopia, things like what you're about to see in the clip below wouldn't happen anymore. And I doubt there's anyone in this world who would say that's a bad thing.

Yes, people will say "let the stupid die, it's natural selection, Darwin and all that," but it's not that easy. Hitting a man sitting in the middle of the road can leave you, the innocent driver, with terrible trauma. Not to mention if there's also a child inside the car.

There's a reason cars only drive on the road, and that's because it's where we don't expect to find pedestrians. We have a deal. But just like cars often take to the sidewalks for the occasional shortcut, there are those pedestrians who think it's a good idea to sit on their asses in the middle of an express road. At night.

Don't feel bad and don't question your sight or reflexes if you only see the man after the driver has swerved. Instead, be glad the driver saw him, otherwise you would be watching this clip on a completely different, 18-rated website.


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