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Click Add to Cart and Whip Out Your Credit Card for a Sweet $84K Humble Shack Tiny Home
Things have come a long way since the first tiny homes got the ball moving for this industry. Today, you can even order a tiny house in a similar fashion to everything else you can find online. Yup, just click the Add to Cart button, and you can own a home like this 30-foot Humble Shack.

Click Add to Cart and Whip Out Your Credit Card for a Sweet $84K Humble Shack Tiny Home

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Folks, I recently ran across a tiny home manufacturer dubbed Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders. While another tiny home manufacturer is nothing new, what sets this crew apart from others, and the main reason I chose to bring them to light, is the way they do business. They seem to follow a very modern ordering system similar to Amazon's. Simply put, find the tiny house floorplan you like, click the Add to Cart button, and then proceed to whip out your credit card for payment.

At least, that's the idea. I tried to go through the ordering process of a home like the 30-foot (9-meter) Humble Shack only to encounter an error stating, "Checkout is currently disabled." Why that is precisely, we don't know, but that doesn't stop us from taking a closer look at what sort of tiny habitat Mini Mansions can offer you for a price tag of $84,000 (€82,200 at the current exchange rate).

What needs to be noted about this mobile habitat is that it's built like a brick. No joke. A steel frame is used as the base for the welling, and the shell is then placed on top and secured with bolts on corners and base plates. Best of all, all the studs used in shaping the body are reinforced with hurricane straps, and the roof trusses see a similar process, this time with hurricane ties.

The exterior plywood is then glued and nailed in place to the underlying studs. That sounds very similar to the sort of attention a landlocked home would receive. If you want to take things to the next level, the slightly slanted roof should be a good place to set up some solar panels.

However, it's the inside of this beauty that I found most attractive. Entry into the home places you right in the middle of a living room equipped with a modular sofa and, straight ahead, the kitchen. We can't call it a galley because you'll find everything a typical home would include, an oven, cooktop, countertop, sink, and fridge, minus the island-style layout; everything is pushed up against the wall. It's one way to create the spacious feeling you get from the images in the gallery.

Towards the rear of the unit, the ground floor reveals space for a washer/dryer combo and a massive bathroom that spans wall to wall, with a tub, toilet, vanity, and an optional closet. That's about it for the lower level, and upstairs two lofts are available for sleeping or use one for storage. It's your money, do as you wish.

As you stroll the halls of this rather large Humble Shack, you may get a feeling that you're simply living in a classic home. But a mobile home must be a tad different, and the Humble Shack indeed is. With plenty of systems designed to operate from one campground to the next, and endless storage space, the only problem you may have as you live on the road is keeping this bugger clean. After all, exploration is messy.

One thing I realized as I explored more of what Mini Mansion tried to achieve with this habitat is that the interior appliances and countless furnishings are appliances that you can purchase from Home Depot. Whether this Mini has a collaboration open with home Depot is unclear, but that's how it looks.

However, most folks in the U.S. involved in home renovations typically shop at Home Depot, and that just feels like a neat way to transfer the feeling of a traditional home to a mobile one suitable for you and your family. Since that Add to Cart button isn't working, I'm sure your phone is, and you know what that means. Time to explore what kind of life you can embark upon with a Humble Shack.

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