Classon Smart Bicycle Helmet Even Supports Gestures

These days, smart helmets for either motorcycle or bicycle tend to become commonplace, but only a few of them are indeed functional, feasible, and affordable, let alone being also stylish. The Classon is a cycling helmet that appears to bring all these aspects together in a way that doesn't compromise neither functionality nor looks, and we're happy to see the project funded already.
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Classon helmetClasson helmetClasson helmetClasson helmetClasson helmetClasson helmet
The Classon helmet brings a smart and efficient solution to avoiding colliding with vehicles in the blind spot of a rider. It employs a rear-facing camera and a detection algorithm that can determine whether an object in the blind spot could be hazardous or not.

When the camera detects such an object, most likely a car or motorcycle, the chip inside the Classon lights a small LED indicator in the helmet visor, on the corresponding side. The intensity of the visual alert can be set by the user and it will not hinder the rider because it is present in the peripheral field of view.

Extending either arm to indicate a change of direction will be read by Classon's sensors and will trigger the corresponding turn signal on the helmet, both in the rear and in the front, whereas the accelerometer will detect any speed drop and will light the brake light automatically. Whether it's about slowing down at a pedestrian crossing, preparing to make a turn or come to a halt, the helmet will activate the brake light telling the road users behind you that you're traveling slower.

The Classon helmet comes with smartphone integration thanks to a dedicated app and can also serve as step-by-step navigation assistant, with the lights under the visor indicating the route. Once the destination is set, the smartphone can be tucked away in a pocket and Classon will take over.

And making things even fancier, the cameras on the Classon helmet can also record video to your phone or stream to online platforms. Videos can be even edited in the app prior to posting them online, while riding and commuting data is, of course, accessible, too.

The funding campaign for the Classon helmet went exceedingly well and the makers raised over three times the money they needed to bring it to production, and this means that the early adopters will receive their lids in April 2017. The first Classon units sold for an incredible $99 (€89) and the current early bird offer sits at $149 (€134).

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