Classic Camaro Gets Modern "Face Swap", Looks Like Late 1970s Firebird

Classic Camaro Gets Modern Face Swap, Looks Like Late 1970s Firebird 12 photos
Photo: superrenderscars/Instagram
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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - that has to be an accurate explanation of this rendering. It combines the body of one of the best Camaro designs of all time with the 2020 model, the one that everybody seems to hate.
We don't really know if the current Camaro will age well. The performance is all there, but they turned everything into a blob as if the marketing department told designers it should stop looking good. Don't laugh; intentionally ugly cars do sell well.

Anyway, the base for this rendering by Israeli artist superrenderscars seems to be a first-gen. Perhaps it's a Camaro SS 396, so a 1967 to 1969 model. Simple, boxy lines wrap around a tiny muscle car body to create this classic that's very collectible.

The front and rear faces that have been added create a kind of rounded look that's off-putting. It looks like no Camaro you've ever seen, but the more you look at it, the more these long overhangs remind you of the Pontiac Firebird from the late 1970s. You know, the ones with the big trunk spoiler and bulging noses.

While your $30,000 base Camaro is no looker, the same can be said about the equivalent Ford Mustang. It seems everybody is resistant to change when it comes to muscle cars. Fortunately, Detroit didn't mess around with blobby headlights on the performance models. For example, the ZL1 still has the giant grille and angular front end it did before, plus some sharp-looking aero.

As strange as the outcome of this rendering project may be, mixing the old with the new is pretty common in the muscle car kingdom. LS swaps for the classics are an obvious example, plus B is for Builds recently slapped an old Mustang body on top of the current unibody chassis.

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