Classic BMW 2002 Turbo Joins Automobilista 2 to Challenge the Corvette C3

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Photo: Reiza Studios
Automobilista 2: BMW 2002Automobilista 2: BMW 2002Automobilista 2: Corvette C3Automobilista 2: Corvette C3Automobilista 2: Corvette C3
Last week, developer Reiza Studios released an important Automobilista 2 update that added several variations of the Monza race track, along with a bunch of car balances and improvements. The studio also promised that the BMW 2002 car, which should have been included in the update, will be delivered later.
True to its promise, the folks at Reiza Studios added the classic BMW 2002 Turbo to the game in the latest update that should be rolling out worldwide right now. Along with the new car that joins the Vintage Touring Car Tier 1 classification, the update fine-tunes the Monza track variations added in the previous patch and brings a lot of physics and AI adjustments.

With the addition of the new car, the Mini 1965 and Lotus 23 have been split into separate Vintage Touring Car tier from Corvette C3 and BMW 2002 Turbo. Also, some minor tire tread adjustments to BMW Procar, Group A, Group C, Vintage Touring Cars, Opala 1979, Opala Old Stock, F-Vee, F-Classic Gen3, P1 have been implemented too.

The chassis inertial values for the Lotus 23 have been revised, just like the brake torque for F-Trainers, F-Vee, and Mini 1965. The update also adjusts steering lock range for high steering rotation cars and the FFB Max force for Corvette C3, BMW 2002, and Mini 1965.

As far as the new Monza race track goes, there are several improvements and adjustments included in the update. First off, we have some performance optimization and LOD pass to the Monza 2020 and Monza 1991. Also, the update adds drain material to curbs for Livetrack functionality on Monza 2020 and increases track limits at t3 runoff of Monza Junior layout.

These are but the most important changes included in the latest Automobilista 2 patch, so check out the full changelog for more details.

Besides launching a new update, Automobilista 2 developers teased a very busy November, full of “interesting news,” so we can’t wait to learn more about what’s coming next month.
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