Clarkson Reviews the Tesla Model X Under Strict Lawyer Supervision

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The relationship between Clarkson and electric vehicles isn't exactly a secret. The man doesn't particularly like EVs, so he's doing them a favor by staying away from them, especially after what happened with the Tesla Roadster back when he was still with BBC's Top Gear show.
Just to put things into perspective, Tesla asked Top Gear to review the Roadster, the team said yes, but when the material came out, it was less than flattering to the EV. The American company sued, claiming the review was staged and therefore untrue, but it lost. It then appealed, and lost again. We'll never know the truth, but we do know there's a court decision and that means we should all agree with what it says no matter how much we like or dislike Tesla.

Jeremy Clarkson carried his principles over to the new show - you might have heard of it: it's hosted by Amazon and it's called The Grand Tour. However, as the presenters point out, ignoring Tesla is not exactly a valid option anymore as the EV maker is about to become a mainstream manufacturer thanks to the Model 3 sedan.

Instead of going for the new car - which wasn't even available at the time they filmed this episode - they chose the Model X. Wait a minute, Clarkson doesn't particularly like SUVs either. Tesla would better have a more skilled legal department this time because this is going to be a fiasco.

Or so you'd think. Turns out Clarkson is a much bigger nerd than anyone expected. He fell for all of the Model X's gimmicks like its Summon feature or the Falcon Wing doors, not to mention the various Easter Eggs that allow you do to crazy and stupid stuff with the center console display.

Of course, the review had to have a drag race, so this one's victim is an Audi R8 V10 which the Tesla manages to smoke. Clarkson also commends the SUV's handling on the track before switching his attention to the vehicle's drawbacks. But because they knew who they were dealing with, the producers asked Clarkson to fill the car with a team of lawyers that would give a non-suable spin to everything he has to say.

Needless to say, this is the most hilarious part of the clip as it manages to make fun of the mumbo-jumbo empty talk that lawyers use and Clarkson's objectivity all at the same time. It also includes this gem (not related to Tesla): "You just take what a car manufacturer says as being gospel? Vauxhall (Opel) says its cars are exciting."

The clip is just over 14 minutes long, but we strongly recommend you watch it whether you're a fan of Tesla, The Grand Tour, or you just enjoy comedy and cars in general.

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