Clarkson, Hammond, and May Try to Explain Their Show, Fail

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If you're one of the people who watched the Seinfeld show (at least once), then this scene featuring the three presenters of Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour will instantly remind you of it.
When asked what the show they were trying to pitch to NBC was about, Jason Alexander's character has an unlikely strike of genius: "it's about nothing." And ignoring the baffled faces of the producers, he keeps repeating that until, somehow, it starts to make sense. Indeed, all TV shows are about something, so why not make one that's about nothing?

Surely, The Grand Tour won't be about nothing, but you have to admit that defining what exactly it is doesn't come easy. In fact, even the old Top Gear was described as a comedy show with cars, and if you watched some of the more recent seasons you'd know what they're on about. Just compare it to a German car show and that description starts to make sense.

As for The Grand Tour, we expect more of the same. In fact, this short video - as abstract as it is - only comes to confirm that. The guys - who very candidly describe themselves as "middle age," even though that's a bit optimistic - are picking things up where they left off close to two years ago, which will come as excellent news for Top Gear fans who have been disappointed with the new series featuring Chris Evans (and rightly so).

These three
are probably the only ones who can pull something like this off - watching them for over one minute and not finding out anything new, and yet somehow not feeling pissed off. And it's not even their best bit of comedy, not by far. Well, at least until James May jumps in with his best effort: "It's a peripatetic, tent-based, car-themed adventure..." at which point the others interrupt him because they didn't have access to the Internet and couldn't look up what "peripatetic" means.

A few good years ago, Clarkson provided what is probably the best characterization to date of any show where the three of them take part: "It's three mates having fun." Well, maybe some referrence to cars should make it in somewhere, but apart from that, it's pretty spot on.

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