Civilian Woman Tries to Help Cops on a Chase, Goes to the Station in Handcuffs

There is something with Americans and high-speed chases. It’s hard to tell whether it’s because of the plenitude of movies portraying this sort of thing or the wide roads with relatively light traffic - whatever the reason, one thing is certain: people have and always will run away from the police in their cars.
PIT maneuver gone bad 2 photos
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Rachelle Jean Fernandez
Even when said car is a pickup truck with one front wheel driving on its rim. That’s because the police tried stopping the suspect before the start of the video using a spike strip, but he nearly ran over one of the officers and made it through, puncturing his front left tire in the process.

That explains the trail of sparks he leaves behind and the relatively low speed of the pursuit. However, things are about to get a lot more interesting thanks to a woman in another pickup truck.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, if jail can be considered even remotely similar to hell, then this woman just confirmed the saying. And it’s all on tape.

Her name is Rachelle Jean Fernandez, aged 28, a local resident of West Valley, Utah, the same place where all the action that got her in this situation happened.

The police was pursuing the runaway pickup when our hero of the day decided her “military background” entitled her to intervene and bring this whole police chase nonsense to a halt. She accelerates, gets next to the truck with fireworks attached to its wheel and tries to perform a PIT (precision immobilization technique). Well, her maneuver wasn’t precise, lacked technique and didn’t end with an immobilization.

At least not that of the suspect, because when the suspect finally realized it’s not a good idea to drive with thousands of sparks hitting against your gasoline tank every second and he pulled over, so did she. The policemen placed her under arrest for interfering with an arresting officer and failing to stop for an emergency vehicle.

Her arraignment is scheduled for December 7, and a trial will probably follow shortly. Judging from her mugshot (see picture at the bottom), Miss Fernandez isn’t very worried, relying perhaps on the same “military background” that got her in this situation in the first place in the eventuality she’ll make it to prison. Which we honestly hope won’t happen, as she was indeed full of good intentions. Intentions that nearly led to a possible double head-on collision, but that’s another story.

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