CityScoot Electric Scooter Sharing Program Debuts in Paris This Month, Cool Features Announced

Back in mid-January we reported on a joint venture between e-scooter rental company CityScoot and parking lot giant Vinci. The goal was to expand the presence of the electric scooters in the French capital and make them more accessible.
CityScoot 1 photo
Subscribing to the service offers customers the possibility to reserve the vehicles online. Once a scooter has been reserved, the rider can rest assured as he or she will find it charged fully in the designated station.

The CityScoot machines have a self-locking system that makes stealing them harder, plus the geolocation devices inside them that is supposed to transform stealing them into a non-issue.
Returning the CityScoot to a charging station reduces the rental fees
The base price is €3 ($3.3) for 15 minutes, and the rider can leave the CityScoot anywhere. However, if the rider decided to return the scooter to a charging station, the price drops to 2 Euros ($2.2).

Likewise, if a customer picks up a scoot with less than 30% charge, the ride is free. These scooters can provide a range between 60 to 100 km (37-62 miles), so a third of this distance can still get someone places in the French capital, and do it for free. Wonder if there's an incentive for taking an almost empty, free-to-ride scooter to a charging station...

The CityScoot program debuts this month with 35 scooters, with the fleet estimated to reach 150 units by the end of the year and 1,000 by the end of 2016. Rumors of 2,000 CityScoots prowling the streets of Paris in 2017 also emerged.


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