Citroen DS9 Flagship Teaser Photo Released

This is the first teaser image of what’s to eventually be the Citroen DS9, a flagship to the range that we originally expected to be a sedan, not a shooting brake wagon. The only other thing Citroen gave us to go by was the accompanying text: "The future of the DS line is already taking shape at Citroen..."
Citroen DS9 teaser photo 1 photo
If this is indeed the DS9, and not a smaller car, it will be a direct challenger to German models. Previous reports indicated that the proportions of the future model are expected to be similar to the Metropolis concept which comes in at 5300 mm (208.6 inches) in length and 2000 mm (78.7 inches) in width. The platform, that will be taken from the Citroen C6 and Peugeot 407 (it will be heavily modified).

"The same styling elements will be used for a high-level Citroen car to be developed in China. We want to build up the premier line in China - the Metropolis is emblematic of our approach," Gregoire Olivier, CEO of Asian Operations, said about the DS9 back in 2010.


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