Citroen Celebrates 400,000th DS 3 to Roll Off the Assembly Line

Having started production in 2009, the DS 3 is one of the oldest models in the Citroen range at the current moment. Be that as it may, the DS 3 was facelifted in 2016, when the Citroen badges were exchanged for those of the DS brand. And good golly, the DS 3 keeps on keeping on despite its rather gray-haired underpinnings.
400,000th DS 3 11 photos
400,000th DS 3400,000th DS 3DS 3 Performance BlackDS 3 Performance BlackDS 3 Performance BlackDS 3 Performance BlackDS 3 Performance BlackDS 3 Performance BlackDS 3 Performance BlackDS 3 Performance Black
Sales aren’t as strong as in 2011, the year when Citroen moved a total of 74,876 units in Europe. However, there’s always a market for a chic supermini. In this regard, DS Automobiles is proud to announce that Groupe PSA’s plant in Poissy recently produced the 400,000th example of the breed.

It’s a Performance Black model, as pictured above. Essentially a special edition developed with keen drivers in mind, the DS 3 Performance Black is beautified with matte black paint, carbon fiber on the side moldings, and a golf roof.

“I had to have this DS 3 as soon as I saw it,”
said Martine Laurent, the owner. “Even though I was already a DS driver, this new model is just irresistible because of its timeless character and personalization options. I think it’s unlikely that any two DS cars will look the same," she further added.

According to a customer survey conducted by DS in G10 countries, the answers from 6,000 respondents suggest that women love the DS 3 more than men (55 percent vs. 45 percent). The main reason of purchase? That would be “style.” Interestingly, a large portion of the respondent pool (73 percent) believes that the DS 3 is “sporty.” Also, 62 percent said that it’s “fun to drive.” I can’t argue with them, especially not a Performance Black owner.

You see, the DS 3 Performance Black costs €33,950 in France for a better reason than it’s striking styling and generous kit. It is equipped with a 6-speed manual matched with a turbo-four THP 210. What that means is 208 PS (205 horsepower) and 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) sent to the front wheels via a Torsen differential. In a subcompact vehicle that weighs 1,272 kilograms (2,804 pounds). That's the definition of a hot hatchback, alright.


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