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Citroen C1 Officially Extinct as Last Model Rolls Off Assembly Line in Czech Republic

It’s interesting to see Citroen allowing its C1 minicar to go quietly into the night. We understand why they’re doing it, but to say the C1 was an underachiever in terms of sales wouldn’t be accurate. It achieved relatively good numbers throughout the years, even though it could never catch up to the likes of the Toyota Aygo or the Fiat 500.
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Citroen C1Citroen C1Citroen C1Citroen C1Citroen C1
Alas, its time has come as the final C1 rolls out of the Kolin plant in the Czech Republic, ready to give up its place to the fully electric Ami (a better urban mobility solution), and the slightly larger C3, which is more spacious and versatile.

The C1 nameplate has been in production since 2005, with the current car being a second-generation model, which was introduced back in 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show. It then went into production at a factory belonging to the Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile Czech (TPCA) joint venture, where it was produced along with the Peugeot 108 and the Toyota Aygo.

Citroen considered the C1 to be “perfectly in line with the times,” and to some extent, it was, although it clearly didn’t appeal to all buyers. Still, it came with a 7-inch touchscreen with Mirror Screen feature (which could duplicate the functions of a smartphone), plus several customization features like its three roof colors and two-tone effects.

One of its replacements, the Ami, has been genuinely disruptive in France due to its accessibility (you can drive it once you turn 14 years old). You can also charge it fully in just three hours from a standard 220 V socket, making it very practical for people’s general urban mobility needs.

Meanwhile, the C3 (especially the special edition C3 YOU! specification) is considered an ideal compromise, boasting a full range of essential equipment such as air conditioning, heated electric mirrors, cruise control, lane departure warning and fog lights.

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