Cirrus 820 Short Bed Truck Camper Aims to Be the Last Camper You Ever Buy

Here's a question for you all. When is the last time you remember having taken a road trip? For most of us, it’s been at least a year since we last set foot out of our city, state, or country. But don't worry, our time will come again.
Cirrus 820 Truck Camper 9 photos
Cirrus 820 Truck CamperCirrus 820 Truck CamperCirrus 820 Truck CamperCirrus 820 Truck CamperCirrus 820 Truck CamperCirrus 820 Truck CamperCirrus 820 Truck CamperCirrus 820 Truck Camper
When the time comes and travel restrictions are lifted, most of us are just going to get up and go. Doesn't even matter where really, and it won’t matter in what. For some like myself however, a road trip must include the essentials, and depending on the activities, even some extras. But others, others like to live in absolute luxury, no matter how little.

For people pertaining to the latter category, you have the Cirrus 820 truck camper from nuCamp to give you one heck of a comfortable time in the wilderness. Personally, I never really caught on to the whole glamping idea, but hey, who am I to judge the rest? And since it’s such a big movement, why not show you one of the best short bed campers around?

Before we get to know the 820, let’s first get to know nuCamp. Back before 2004, Joe Mullet, founder and president, was hard at work building lawn furniture until a friend offered him an opportunity to build a teardrop camper. One build and he was hooked. Today, nuCamp are responsible for some of the most wholesome teardrop and truck campers around. But for now, let’s focus on the 820.

Cirrus 820 Truck Camper
The main attribute of the 820 is that it’s considered a short bed camper. Overall dimensions include a length of 209 in (530 cm), width of 99 in (251 cm), and height of 116 in (294 cm). Inside, on the other hand, a height of 78 in (198 cm) offers more than enough room to stand tall. As is, a gross dry weight of 2,916 lbs (1,322 kg) is all this camper will be weighing you down with.

The dimensions also give way to one overly massive interior that includes all the necessities for you to enjoy days of road time. As we walk in at the rear, the first thing we see is the bedding straight ahead in the over-cab compartment. Here a queen-sized mattress is suitable for 2 guests and includes a skylight overhead. To the sides, windows and massive amounts of storage space are found. Even more storage areas are available underneath the bedding.

Immediately in front of the bedroom, two steps bring you down to ground level and the rest of the living space. To the left we find the kitchen area, and to the right the dining room followed by the bathroom. In the kitchen we are offered a 3-way fridge, 2-burner glass-top stove, microwave oven, and stainless-steel sink. Obviously, storage space is another must here and isn’t missing.

Cirrus 820 Truck Camper
Across from the kitchen and to the right of the camper is the dining room. A beautiful aspect of this area is that it can easily be transformed into another sleeping area if needed. Something pretty standard in most campers these days. Finally, behind the dining room we find the bathroom facility within this camper. Here, a wet bath with a MaxxAir ™ light and fan overhead, fold down sink and toilet are available to help you stay clean and refreshed.

There are also several other systems aboard the 820, but I don’t really see the point in telling you that There's hot and cold water, A/C and heating units, water tanks, etc. Why? That stuff should be standard and included no matter the camper you’re interested in.

As for myself, the only thing missing from this story is the price for a new 820. Oh wait, actually it isn’t. With an MSRP of $47,335, it sounds like a very fair buy once you realize what you’re getting.


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