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Chrysler PT Cruiser "Radical Retro" Is a 1950s Makeover

There might be some of you who wonder why the Chrysler PT Cruiser doesn't enjoy too much love these days. The reasons are not few, with the top ones involving the questionable manner in which the design has aged, as well as the mediocre driving experience and cabin quality. But what if somebody were to give this retro-themed machine a complete makeover? Well, the rendering sitting before us comes to answer that question.
Chrysler PT Cruiser "Radical Retro" rendering 5 photos
Chrysler PT Cruiser "Radical Retro" renderingChrysler PT Cruiser "Radical Retro" renderingChrysler PT Cruiser "Radical Retro" renderingChrysler PT Cruiser "Radical Retro" rendering
It's not easy to give the PT Cruiser eye-candy design touches, but this is precisely what digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel has pulled off, at least from where I'm standing.

The front end of the machine has received contemporary touches, such as the lower front apron, while the LED headlights bring a futuristic touch.

Moving closer to the rear end, we find meaty side skirt extensions, along with a NASCAR-style boom tube exhaust. And this isn't just here for the show, as the number of cylinders had been doubled - the engine compartment is now the home of a 350 small block, which, as you've probably guessed by now, sends its power to the rear axle (the muscle is being put to the ground via Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial II rubber).

Perhaps the best part of the visual transformation can be found at the rear end, where the tailfin rear quarter panels bring a 1950s vibe. As for the exposed rear posterior, this spoils any chance of the machine being labeled as a sleeper. it does make for a pretty sight, though, so there's no reason to complain.

Having discussed this eye-catching pixel transformation, you might want to know more about the actual PT Cruiser. And the review below should do the trick - this comes from Doug The Score Guy DeMuro and involves the GT hot warm version of the vehicle.

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