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Chrysler Presents "What Can You Do With a HEMI?" Museum Exhibition

The Walter P. Chrysler Museum, in Auburn Hills, will be the host of a very interesting and unique exhibition called “What Can You HEMI?”. The exhibition will be on display from January 12 through May 2, 2010 and will feature five HEMI-powered weird machines.

The exhibition gathers the winner of a 2005 Chrysler sponsored contest which celebrated the HEMI. The contest was about submitting ideas about interesting machines powered by a HEMI engine and it had a real success as 350 enthusiasts from US and Canada enlisted. After determining the winners, the companies brought them to life.

If you’re wondering what you can see at the exhibition, well there you go:

HEMI Snow-blower, created by Tim Flucht of Belleville, MI - a one-of-a-kind machine featuring:
  • an extended eight-foot design to accommodate the engine
  • 345 horsepower and 375 foot pounds of torque
  • custom precision driveshaft to split the power between the snow blades and drive wheels
  • a wrist tether, similar to water craft, for quick shut-off
  • Flowmaster exhaust system and hot rod-style tachometer

HEMI-Go-Round, created by Jonathan Brzon of Topeka, KS - the world's first HEMI-powered amusement park ride featuring:
  • a turntable that spins in a 22-foot circumference at eight rotations per minute, compared to the 4 - 5 rpms of traditional carousels
  • a Borla exhaust system
  • a push-button start and remote control unit for operation
  • one-fifth scale models of a HEMI-powered Chrysler 300C, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Ram
  • performance design cues, including an orange and black paint scheme reminiscent of the 426 cubic-inch HEMI of the 1970s
HEMI on Ice, created by Dan Burg of Lindenhurst, IL - a resurfacer that smooths ice at record-setting speed featuring:
  • a HEMI engine in place of a traditional propane-powered model
  • custom driveshaft to handle increased torque
  • Mopar performance headers and a Borla exhaust system with chrome tips
  • custom ASA wheels and Goodyear 16-inch Workhorse Extra Grip Radials
  • a customized Dodge Viper seat with a five-point harness for the operator
  • a custom HEMI paint theme

HEMI Grill, created by Chrysler Group LLC - a monster barbecue featuring:
  • an exterior covered in more than 330 square feet of stainless steel
  • front positioning of the engine's alternator and battery to drive an electric motor to power the heating elements
  • a cooking surface and power to simultaneously grill 240 hot dogs in under three minutes

The fifth item is the Chrysler Air Raid Siren which was produced in 1956 for self defense. The siren’s main component is a 331 cubic-inch HEMI.


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