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Chrysler Ad With Clint Eastwood: Halftime in America

We don’t know about you, but we believe that Clint Eastwood is the coolest man in the world. The guy is the epitome of macho cool. He talks no nonsense and tolerates none either, so he’s the perfect guy to give America a little pep talk.
Last year, Chrysler used Eminem to kick off the whole “Imported from Detroit” thing, and they never looked back. For 2012’s Super Bowl, Clint talks about America’s ‘halftime’, and it’s all filled with patriotism on a new scale.

America has gotten back on its feet somehow, but it’s also got a hard fight on its hands. “It’s halftime in America, too. People are out of work and they’re hurting. And they’re all wondering what they’re going to do to make a comeback. And we’re all scared, because this isn’t a game,” the star of Dirty Harry says.


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