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“Chrome Samurai” M4 Takes Gumball Madness to New Levels With Removable Swords

Maximillion Cooper’s Gumball collection of companies might be into all sorts of things like fashion, music, or even charity. But, of course, it’s best known for the Gumball 3000 annual rally that usually takes drivers and cars across a 3,000-mile (4,800-km) international motor rally journey. It’s been a darling of celebrities ever since its inception back in 1999, and it seems that each passing year manages to add a new layer of entertainment to the whole event.
BMW M4 The Chrome Samurai Gumball 3000 rally transformation by Metrowrapz 26 photos
BMW M4 The Chrome Samurai Gumball 3000 rally transformation by Metrowrapz
Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling if this interesting art car creation belongs to an unknown driver of a fashionable celebrity. Perhaps it’s the latter case, and the owner’s name hasn’t been shared to deliver the bombshell at the start of this year’s edition. Or maybe it’s just a Gumball 3000 participant with a passion for mixing German sports car engineering with vintage Japanese pop culture tropes. Actually, it’s anyone’s guess.

As far as Metro Group Miami's Metrowrapz art car subsidiary is concerned, there’s virtually no other information shared aside from the name of the creation. They’re not even telling us the model used as the personalization canvas—by our best guess, it’s a 2014-2020 F82 BMW M4 Coupe—let alone any information about the imaginative soul that commissioned the transformation.

If not for the hashtags, we could have rambled for hours about its intended destination without even a chance to nail the truth. Luckily, we do know this “flashback wrap” has been prepared for the Gumball 3000 rally. And it’s called “The Chrome Samurai” for pretty obvious reasons. But the cool wrap design isn’t the one bringing the biggest shockwave.

Instead, that’s reserved for the statement in the description: “We always take our wraps to the next level. We added removable Samurai Swords on the roof.” Hopefully, these are just props for the hero shot and not the real thing. We really have no craving for anyone turning the Gumball 3000 into a real-life version of the Death Race!

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of the F82 BMW M4 Coupe.


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