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Chrome Rose Gold Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Shows "Mirror" Spec

It's difficult to hold something against a gear head looking at this rendering and wondering what is wrong with the Internet. However, while such pixel play might not make sense to some, everybody should know there's a method to the madness.
Chrome Rose Gold Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 1 photo
To start with the basics, I'll point that we're looking at a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport that has been digitally gifted with a wrap. And what a wrap this is, turning the hypercar into a rose gold mirror with its chrome take.

In fact, R.U.K Technology, the pixel art label behind this piece of eye candy, has even maintained the bug splatter of the example that went past 300 mph, bringing the carmaker's name under the spotlights once again.

"So, how about that explanation?" I hear you asking. Well, we've recently talked about a Chiron of the sort, albeit with this being the mundane, "standard" Chiron, while the 1,500 horsepower toy (for the record, that's minus 100 ponies compared to the Super Sport) was given a non-colored chrome finish.

No, it's not clear if the chrome Bug we're talking about features a wrap or not, but this is of lesser importance.

Returning to the Chiron Super Sport, the Molsheim automotive producer will only bring 30 units of the 300+ mph-capable beast to the world.

And while this number might spell "uber-exclusivity" to you and me, owners will wish to make sure no two cars look the same.

So yes, the idea of somebody gifting the Chiron SS with a rose gold chrome wrap isn't as crazy as it might sound.

Besides, such second skin jobs are reversible, so the owner could always bring the W16 monster back to its factory look. Of course, this is also an argument towards purists not jumping aboard the angrer train when coming across a contraption like the one sitting before us.


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