Chrome Red Porsche 918 Spyder Flaunts Its Weissach Package in Miami

When Porsche designers came up with the gorgeous details of the 918 Spyder, one of their top priorities was to stick to the understated aura that has defined Porsche crest bearers even since the brand was born. Nevertheless, certain owners of the Porscha hypercar have decided to reverse this, as is the case with the example you're looking at.
Chrome Red Porsche 918 Spyder 6 photos
Chrome Red Porsche 918 SpyderChrome Red Porsche 918 SpyderChrome Red Porsche 918 SpyderChrome Red Porsche 918 SpyderChrome Red Porsche 918 Spyder
This 918 has been gifted with a wrap and the Chrome Red nature of the second skin means the gas-electric machine stands out like nothing else on the road.

The Weissach Package of the hypercar, which brings extreme aero elements, also helps with the attention magnet effect of the missile.

Everything about this 918 seems to be special, even the story behind the sighting we hare here. The spotter who delivered these pics (via Autogespot) took the time to share the details of the encounter with us.

"A couple of months ago I spotted this stunning 918 with Saudi Arabia (333SUD) tags driving in the opposite direction near the W hotel [Miami] but lost it while performing a u-turn. As fate has it, last Friday I spotted this car once again near the same area off of Collins. This wrap was just gorgeous in person. I never thought I would catch a car with tags from this area of the world in Miami," the lens man explained.

And if this chrome finish is too much for you, we're glad to provide an alternative, one that comes from the other end of the custom wrap color scale.

We're talking about the grayscale Martini livery we showed you last summer. Unlike this mirror finish used here, the apparently faded second skin adventure we're talking about makes the 918 feel timeless.

Nevertheless, the most extreme 918 Spyder wrap we've shown you to date came to our attention earlier this month. You know, the one that saw the 918 borrowing the livery of the automaker's Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid. Frankly, we're not sure if any other wrap could beat the endurance racing delight...


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