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Chrome Mercedes CLS Looks Like the Silver Surfer

Nothing says luxury limo like being able to go in a straight line really really fast without breaking a sweat or feeling anything from the road. However, in the world of comicbooks there’s a hero called the Silver Surfer, who travels the galaxy on a chromed out surfboard, himself being as shiny the bumper of an old Cadillac.
Chrome Mercedes CLS 5 photos
Chrome Mercedes CLSChrome Mercedes CLSChrome Mercedes CLSChrome Mercedes CLS
Everybody must have had a childhood dream where he turned everything into gold or silver. However, it was never technologically possible to chrome a whole car. Yet the 3D vinyl film technology that is changing the car world makes this very simple.

This is the latest work of WrapStyle a company that specializes in car wraps. Their division in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava has turn a normal Mercedes Benz CLS four-door coupe into the car equivalent of the Silver Surfer, a chromed out masterpiece.


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