Christophe & Co/Pininfarina Self-Charging Diamonds Bracelet Is Key to Exclusivism

The Christophe & Co by Pininfarina Armille 7 photos
Photo: Pininfarina
The Christophe & Co by Pininfarina ArmilleThe Christophe & Co by Pininfarina ArmilleThe Christophe & Co by Pininfarina ArmilleThe Christophe & Co by Pininfarina ArmilleThe Christophe & Co by Pininfarina ArmilleThe Christophe & Co by Pininfarina Armille
Eccentric jewelry house Christophe & Co have partnered up with Pininfarina and designed a smart bracelet called Armill. Gold, fine design and precious stones are not the only things that make the smart bracelet cost Nissan GT-R Nismo money, nor is the fact it’s created to the exact specifications of its wearer. Amenities such as “an one button valet press,” authentication to exclusive events worldwide and integration with smart home, yachts or vehicles are also included.
Pininfarina is taking another step into the “world of abundance,” partnering up with British High Jewelry brand Christophe & Co and designing what could be associated with the bracelet of kings, only that instead of targeting Egyptian pharaohs we’re talking about today’s affluent few.

Designed as a modern interpretation of an ancient symbol of royalty and valor in battle, Armill is a bracelet that combines the use of fine diamonds and precious metals with advanced engineered material and cutting edge embedded hardware. According to the exclusive Italian design house, things such as a complex ceramic shield, over 1,500 micropave diamonds set one at a time by hand under microscope and a high precision carbon fiber frame created by a specialized British builder of aerodynamic components for a winning Formula 1 team have been used.

A smart bracelet you won't need to charge

The revolutionary kinetic energy generation system is powered by the natural motion of the owner’s arm and allows for up to a year or more between charges. On a technological level, the bracelet has no screen, yet offers a lot more. The optional hardware module is fully upgradable as new technology arises and employs advanced communication technologies for secure transactions, automated venue access and one touch valet, among other functions.

Just picture it, you use your bracelet to tell you personal assistant what to do, while at the same time call your car and open the door of your Palm Springs mansion... and all that while you're also steering your yacht.

The exclusive Armill devices come in three models, 300 Virtus units which are priced at $75,000, 100 Orion pieces priced at $93,000 and only 25 Apollo examples which will cost $149,000 each. Don’t waste your time on checking out Christophe’s website, only if you’re patient enough to subscribe and wait for their “private key”.

PS: The video teaser and the photo gallery are just a humble visual example of these eccentric luxury bracelets, but we’re sure they were worth mentioning.

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