Chris Pfeiffer Teaches How to Surf on Your Bike

We’ve so far seen the streetbike freestyler and four-time World and European stunt champion Chris Pfeiffer teaching us how to perform a wheelie and a stoppie, the so-called ‘beginner’ tricks for any motorcycle rider. But the series has much more to offer and the third video is here to show us that.

The respective video, which can be watched below this article, comes as a short guide on how to perform a surfer. Specifically, Pfeiffer explains how to "surf" on your bike.

However, as simple as he makes it sound, this trick is not for beginners. Naturally, when you are a four-time world stunt riding champ, you can make things like surfing on a motorcycle sound like a piece of cake, but let’s face it: there’s no way this stuff is danger-free.

“To do a ‘surfer’ you can go in Neutral... the other way is to go on high idle speed,” Pfeiffer starts pleading in favor of the stunt trick.

He further goes to explain that there are several positions in which one can perform the surfer. It’s either standing on the tank, standing on the seat, or crosswise on the bike. “Standing on the seat is maybe the easiest way to learn a surfer. You should release the handlebar only for a short moment in the beginning, and later when you feel safe you can stand up in full extension,” he continues.

Pfeiffer also advises enthusiasts not to go too slowly, because speed offers stability.

“This little series is about motorbike stunt tricks. Did you ever ask yourself how this tricks can be done? We asked the four time stunt riding world champion Chris Pfeiffer and he explained it. This series is for information only, so please don't try this at home...”
BMW warns in the video description.

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