Chris Pfeiffer Explains How to Stoppie

Yesterday we showed you BMW Motorrad’s video of Chris Pfeiffer explaining and demonstrating how to perform one of the most popular stunt motorcycle tricks: the wheelie. However, it appears that it was only the beginning of a series of videos, each dedicated to a trick in particular.

This time, the video below this article shows the same four-time world stunt riding champion, explaining and performing a stopping (or an endo as some may know it).

Making it sound as simple as it did with the previous wheelie short guide, Pfeiffer drops a few hints to make the trick a bit easier for beginners, such as lifting your back as you feel the rear end rise. The steeper the stoppie, the further you can roll, he says.

"The stoppie is pretty dangerous and not easy to learn," explains Pfeiffer, who says that beginners should approach the maneuver in first gear and at low speeds.

Just like with the wheelie, Pfeiffer puts a great emphasis on practice, while underlining the fact that an adequate surface is imposed while doing that. Being a stunt trick, a stoppie is also not danger-free.

“The Stoppie, sometimes also called a front wheelie is a motorcycle trick that does not only look extremely cool -- it's also quite hard to perform. But who better to explain how to do it right than the four times World Champion Stunt Rider Chris Pfeiffer? This video is for information only, so please don't try this at home...,”
BMW warns again in the video description.

For a more detailed guide on how to stoppie on a motorcycle, please visit the following link.

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