Chris Harris and Top Gear Review the Best and Worst Cars of 2021

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These are the questions that strangers fire at Harris in the pub. What's the best car he's driven this year and what's the worst? What's the fastest? Those answers and more are below.
Rix and Harris sit down to discuss each of these cars more candidly in the video below. If you're sitting at a place where you can't watch, read on for all the details. Starting out, Jack asks about Chris's favorite drive of the year.

It ultimately comes down to two cars. "The two standouts for me are (Porsche) GT3 and that Huracan STO. I can tell you now why I choose the Porsche because the Huracan is actually a more exciting vehicle. I can't believe I'm saying that. It's just one of those things that makes you feel alive," he says.

What's the issue with it then? Harris lets us in on a detail very few would be able to articulate. "The tire ain't good enough. It's a Bridgestone... it just shows you how far ahead Michelin is. If you bolt some Michelins on it, it would be better than the GT3."

Perhaps the most impressive part is that Harris actually calls out three vehicles that he hasn't driven but can't help but mention. The Toyota Yaris GR can't be included because it wasn't launched this year.

The same goes for the Polestar One which Harris has driven and loves. He says it's the only "real" hybrid thanks to its combo of real electric range and a great petrol engine. Then there's the Hyundai i20N which won Top Gear Speedweek 2021.

What's the fastest car he's driven this year? "(Ferrari) SF90 by a mile. That is a monster. You watch the numbers on the dash... and you get that pain in your kidney..."

Of course, they discuss more pedestrian categories too. Harris gives his award for best EV of the year to the Tesla Model 3 because of its usability and range. The Audi e-tron GT isn't far behind though.

As far as Luxury goes, Chris likes the Mercedes S-Class and says that "the last S-Class is better than the new BMW 7-Series...they're so far ahead in the game in terms of what is required."

The Mercedes EQC though was his least favorite of the year. It simply didn't have enough range for Harris to think it was practical. "That Mercedes was a disappointment for me."

Have some of his answers surprised you? If there's another journalist that's driven more cars in their natural setting this year we couldn't tell you who it is. That leaves us just itching for a go in a Huracan STO.
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