Chopper Brakes Excessively , Crashes On Highway

There is a huge number of motorcyclists who simply disregard the need of learning how to properly use the brakes, it's not even funny.
Emergency braking when driving a car could send it skidding sideways and so on, but in most cases that's all that happens. Unlike cars, a skidding motorcycle is usually an accident in its early moments, and learning how to use the brakes in an emergency situation is critical for personal health and good shape of the bike. And adding in a pillion passenger makes things even more serious.

The guy in this movie most likely got scared and panicked, thus excessively rear-braking. Not only he had enough space for a firm, yet safe brake, he also had a lot of clearance in the right side of the lane to swerve and pass the car.

Maybe some target fixation also occurred, like it happens with pretty much all of us in similar cases, but his choice to brake like hell was the wrong one, by far. Some better trained braking could have saved the day. Lucky for him not getting ran over, anyway.


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