Choose Your Digital Restomod Favorite: Widebody Plymouth Barracuda or Oldsmobile 442?

Plymouth Barracuda rendering by rostislav_prokop 7 photos
Photo: rostislav_prokop / Instagram
Plymouth Barracuda rendering by rostislav_prokopPlymouth Barracuda rendering by rostislav_prokopPlymouth Barracuda rendering by rostislav_prokopPlymouth Barracuda rendering by rostislav_prokopPlymouth Barracuda rendering by rostislav_prokopPlymouth Barracuda rendering by rostislav_prokop
Automotive fans always seek new ways to make their cars unique and stand out. As far as older vehicles are concerned, restomods have become insanely popular among those enthusiasts who still want to preserve the vintage design of classic cars but also want to spice them up with modern features and performance.
Unlike a traditional restoration, where the vehicle is brought back to its original condition with all the positives and downsides of going back in time decades, a restomod will enhance the performance, safety, and everyday comfort without (too) many compromises in terms of design. Usually, a restomod project has four pillars – performance (with new engine, transmission, and drivetrain components), safety (new features to ensure additional survivability), comfort and features (AC, power steering, better suspension, etc.), and uniqueness.

The latter chapter includes the personalization ideas that allow the car enthusiasts to make sure their restomod vehicle is unique and ready to stand out in any crowd. The process also includes several stages, like planning, disassembly, fabrication, installation, testing, and finishing. Note how everything starts with a strategy and a masterplan. Now that we have modern tools at our disposal, it's easy to dream an idea and then see if it's feasible before going through all the other stages of the build project.

This will save loads of time and countless expenses, of course, and it all happens with a little help from across the parallel universes of vehicular CGI, where the imaginative realm of digital car content creators resides. These pixel masters will take your ideas and make them into a 3D model to see if that's the dream car or just an intermediate step on the quest for perfection.

When they're not hard at work doing commissioned projects, these artists need to use their skills for promotional purposes, and that's why we like to keep tabs on them. For example, Czech Republic-based virtual artist Rostislav Prokop, known as rostislav_prokop on social media, continues his thunderous dream periplus across the CGI restomod sector with a Mopar and General Motors representative, and perhaps even a Blue Oval to ensure the Holy Trinity is always around.

So, after he digitally enhanced a 1971 Dodge Dart Demon to make it look like the muscled-up CGI grandfather of the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, the author continued his American periplus with an idea for an all-new AC Shelby Cobra roadster. But that's not all, because a few days ago, he reached the third evolution of one of his pet design projects – the 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1, now dubbed EVO III (it's the white Blue Oval embedded third below).

That wasn't enough, though, as he switched the CGI focus to an Oldsmobile 442 with a full widebody restomod attitude, gold wheels, and very sweet looks. Wait, wait, there's also a Mopar – a crimson and black Plymouth Barracuda with the engine (is that a Hemi V8 from a Hellcat?!) shining in the sun because the hood is nowhere to be found and riding widebody and low on black aftermarket wheels. So, which of the three hypotehtical 'monsters' is your favorite for a potential real-world restomod build project?

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