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Chinese Sedan Steals Lexus' Spindle Grille

Say hello to the all-new Lifan 630 sedan, a car that looks as modern as a Spice Girls album. You guys already know about Lifan. They're the same company that cloned the MINI Cooper a few years ago. And even though you can't buy them in Europe, they are slowly trickling in through Russia, where they officially sell them.
Lifan 630 1 photo
Getting back to the 630, this brand new (supposedly) sedan. Since there's no MINI sedan, Lifan copied something else, a Lexus.

They have installed the spindle grille without a second's hesitation. And you want to know what powered this Lexus clone? A choice of 100 hp engines… for a car measuring 4.6 meters.

The good news is the Lexus clone is very cheap. AT 54,900 Chinese yuan, it's basic price is equivalent to $9,000.

Via Car News China


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