Chinese Luxury Car Market to Keep Rising

With its unparalleled economic prowess, China is an ever-expanding collection of ever-increasing numbers. So to is the case with their luxury car market - regardless of the fact that due to heavy taxing, the cars end up costing two or three times their original price, the ultra-rich Chinese upper class is gobbling them up really rather quickly.
Ferarri 458 1 photo
According to CNN Money, last year, Ferrari sold 500 cars in China and while it’s a small number comparted to the 1,900 cars they sold in the US, it does represent a 75% increas over 2010. Same goes for Aston Martin, as they sold 200 cars in 2011 - double what they sold there in 2010, and due to the aforementioned taxing system, an Aston Martin Rapide may end up costing the equivalent of around $500,000 (€380,000).

When it comes toLamborghini, they sold nearly as many cars in China last year as they did in the US. The total number of cars sold was 300 (40 less than in the US) and an increase of 100 over 2010. Their Estoque sedan, if it ever made it into production, would have sold by the thousands in China.

Rolls Royce also managed to shift an impressive 1,050 of their cars, while Bentley sold 1,800 cars (almost twice as many as in 2010).

With such sales figures, China is set to become the world’s biggest luxury car market, soon!


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