Chinese Drug Dealer Rams Porsche into Back of Lorry and Gets Stuck

Chinese Ramms His Porsche into Lorry’s Back and Gets Stuck, Driver Keeps Going 1 photo
Footage taken on a busy highway in China’s Jiangxi Province shows how a Chinese driver crashed his Porsche Cayenne into the back of a lorry and got dragged for more than six miles on the highway. Even though passers-bye tried to warn the truck driver, the man thought they were asking him to accelerate. The strangest thing is the car driver who lost consciousness before impact is actually a drug dealer.
Talking about picking up the wrong path. Reports are the accident happened after the owner of the luxury car lost consciousness. Even though onlookers tried to warn the truck driver drove along for another six and a half miles or 10 kilometers.

Boot full of cocaine

31-year old car driver Zhen Yin was reportedly unconscious throughout the incident and when police investigated the scene they’ve found his boot “full of cocaine”. As to the man driving the big truck, he claims he couldn’t understand what people were trying to say, so he kept driving.

The first time I became aware of anything was when I heard some loud honking beside me. He had his window down and was shouting something but I couldn’t hear him, and then he started pointing at the back of my truck. But I thought he was telling me to speed up, so I did,” the man explained. He did eventually pulled over and finally saw what happened.

Car driver could get death penalty

Police said the car driver was a known cocaine dealer with a boot stuffed with drugs, which means he could also face some serious charges. “When officers arrived they not only found a drug dealer we’ve been hunting a long time, but his boot was full of cocaine too” a police spokesman said.

Even though the car driver survived, if he is convicted of illegally possessing narcotics Zhen could face the death penalty.

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