Chinese Driver Thinks His Porsche 911 Is a Boat [Crash]

It seems that a Chinese driver has taken the Porsche 911’s frog-eyed look to a whole new level, sending his car straight into a lake.
Porsche 911 in Water: China 4 photos
Porsche 911 in Water: ChinaPorsche 911 in Water: ChinaPorsche 911 in Water: China
The man lost control of the 991-generation 911, exited the road and landed in the water. Judging by the fact that the damage seems to only be found on the right side of the 911, we expect the car to have spun its way to the lake.

As you can see in the adjacent images, the side airbag on the right was deployed, so the crash wasn’t exactly a light one.

The accident took pace in Jinan and saw the driver in a pretty difficult situation. The man climbed onto the hood of the car in order to stay out of the water and had to be rescued by the authorities.


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