Chinese Bus Driver Stops to Buy Fish, Passengers Puzzled: Angry Wife at Home?

Just when you think bus drivers stopping to get an autograph from their favorite comedian can’t get worse, it hits you. This time, however, it's an even weirder case. Turns out this Chinese driver loves fish so much that he had to stop the bus filled with passengers to actually buy them from the side of the road. No, it really happened. Reports in Chinese media are that a bus driver from Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China took quite the detour the other day when he suddenly hit the brake, parked the vehicle and got off. As you’d expect, most of the passengers were quite amazed by the man’s gesture. It turned out he stopped after seeing some tasty-looking fish at a street vendor. The eyewitnesses claim the driver suddenly pulled over and hopped down from the vehicle to buy some fish, before getting back in and continuing his trip minutes after. Man, people just don’t have enough time nowadays. All this work and no spare hours to do your grocery... Angry wife or really good fish?
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So here we are wondering if the bus driver had an angry wife at home wishing for fish so much that he had to risk his job to buy it. Or even better, maybe the fish was that cheap only a mad man would pass by such an offer. Whatever the case, the poor fellow now risks being temporarily suspended as the bus company is not really that fond of his deed.

This little incident sounds a lot like the other bus adventure we recently wrote about only it’s in the U.S. It turned out a National Car Rental bus driver was at the wheel of a L.A. International Airport shuttle when she got starstruck by famous comedian Kevin Hart and decided to stop the vehicle and take a selfie with him.

She had a similar conflict with her employer, which is why Hart ended up making a plea on Instagram for her, in which he asked the company not to fire her. Too bad there’s no Chinese celebrity that could help out this bus driver...
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