China Unveils Massive Mechanical Yak, a Jaw-Dropping Beast for Military Off-Grid Missions

China unveiled the new mechanical yak that will revolutionize military logistics 7 photos
Photo: Twitter/People's Daily, China
Mechanical YakMechanical YakMechanical YakMechanical YakMechanical YakMechanical Yak
While the issue of “killer robots” is still one of the most controversial ones on the agenda of the world’s leaders, China has officially stated its goal of becoming a leader in global robotics by 2025. Premiering the world’s largest electrically-powered quadruped bionic robot certainly looks like a big step in that direction.
It’s no secret that China is always trying to top the U.S. in terms of military technology. State-of-the-art cyber-dogs are no longer the last frontier in quadruped robotics because China came up with something even more impressive – a mechanical yak that is not only huge but powerful, smart, and surprisingly agile.

The state broadcaster, China Central Television, recently showed off the game-changing robot that claims to be the world’s largest and heaviest of its kind. Half as tall as an adult yak, this mechanical beast has an imposing stature and a length that’s twice its height. It’s strong enough to carry up to 352 pounds (160 kg) and can sprint at 6 mph (10 kph).

Its robust structure and off-road capabilities were meant to withstand the most challenging off-grid military missions. The Chinese robot yak can conquer a variety of terrains, from cliffs and trenches to deserts, snowfields, and muddy roads.

Also, despite its massive size, it can perform a series of unexpected movements, such as jumping, running, turning, or walking diagonally. According to the state media, this is due to 12 sets of modules, in addition to highly-advanced sensors that allow it to be aware of its surroundings. This awareness goes far beyond obstacle avoidance, as the bionic quadruped was meant to collect tactical information on the battlefield, in addition to its obvious benefits for logistics.

This off-road beast is set to become a strategic tool for military operations in the most challenging, remote areas and in all weather conditions. The powerful yak was presented as a game-changer for military logistics and reconnaissance tasks in high-risk combat zones and remote border areas, Eurasian Times reports.

It will be interesting to see what new, even larger bionic quadruped will be able to top the imposing stature and capabilities of this Chinese mechanical yak.

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